Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

I’ve been trying & trying to come up with a new blog name for weeks now. Seriously. Ask any of my friends… They will tell you that I text them randomly throughout the day with different names but nothing has stuck. I’m still The Freckled Runner. I have a sheet of paper with random word and phrases racking my brain for a clever title but it’s just not working. For some reason I don’t feel ‘connected to’ or ‘one’ with The Freckled Runner anymore, but I also can’t seem to let it go. I guess in a way I feel like it may deter non-runners from reading. I also feel like it keeps bringing me back to my life last year and that seems so far from who I am now. I don’t know. For now I’m going to move forward with without changing the blog name and see where it takes me.

With that said, might as well share what’s going on in my running life since that’s all I can really think about writing about right now. I’ve had a really good relationship with running the past few months. Absolutely loving the grind and seeing what my body can do. My legs truly amaze me. I never thought I would ever be able to run as fast as I have been. Like ever. It’s seriously addicting and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I set a goal to run at least one race every month of 2017. So far, so good:
January 1- New Years Day 5k
February 26- Central Park Half Marathon (1:54)
March 26- Shamrock Shuffle 5k

I crushed my half marathon personal record by a little over 10 minutes running the Central Park Half … without even purposely trying! Something literally took over me and I was truly shocked at the outcome. I think I may even do a little recap post because I’m still so pumped about my time.

In the next few weeks I have: the Indian Trails 20k (4/2), Flashover 5k (4/8- with Bruin!!!), Lobster Run 5k (4/15), and the Jersey Shore Half (4/30). Excited to see how these races turn out.

The most exciting news though … I’m going out to San Diego, California to run the Rock N Roll marathon on June 4! Literally could not be more excited. I’m seriously feeling so good that I KNOW I will crush a PR. More on that to come in a future post though 🙂


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