Hartford Marathon Training Week 8

Hartford Marathon Training Week 8

I’m hitting that point in marathon training where I usually start to get overwhelmed and question why I do this to myself. With only 6 weeks left until race day, I really need to step it up.  I didn’t run long this or last weekend and I’m supposed to run 20 miles next weekend but I’m just not sure if that will happen, it’s looking more like 17/18 miles. I’ve officially decided that I’m going to run the Hartford Marathon for ‘fun’, meaning I’m going in with the goal of running 5:10 or under!

Hartford Marathon – Week 8

Monday [8/22] – 2.5 miles w/ Bruin + BBG Week 2 Legs


Tuesday [8/23] – 7 miles + 5×1 min planks

Wednesday [8/24] – 5 miles + BBG Week 2 Arms & Abs


Thursday [8/25] – 7 miles

Friday [8/26] – 5.5 miles + BBG Week 2 Full Body

Saturday [8/27] – 6 miles + ab asanas

imagein LOVE with my new sneakers 🙂 thanks Dad!

Sunday [8/2] 8– 7 miles … skipped my long run again this weeks, oops!

TOTAL MILEAGE = 40 miles

Hard to believe this was the last weekend of August. Where has the time gone? It feels like the 4th of July was just yesterday. I’m looking forward to cooler running temps but dreading the fact that it’s getting darker out earlier 🙁 I think  that’s the worst part of winter coming. I really wouldn’t mind it if it was light outside until 7… but nopeee!

I wish I could grocery shop & meal prep for a living
imagepumped about my new cook book!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Did your long run go as planned this weekend?


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2 thoughts on “Hartford Marathon Training Week 8”

  • Hi I will look for you at the marathon!
    I am about to head out for 13 (it’s 3:30 on Sunday) and I am not looking forward to it. It’s a stepback week so I am fine with the distance, but it’s so. hot. I am making my 12 year old ride with me so he can carry water but I still feel bad making him go.
    I got that cookbook too!

    • Yay! Another Hartford Marathoner — I feel you on it being too hot but the distance being fine. That’s awesome you can have some company for the run though.. I hope you had a good run.

      I’m so excited to cook my way through it!

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