Friday Five – Bucket List Races

Friday Five – Bucket List Races

Linking up with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia for a Friday Five this week!

Forever making lists -> whether it’s to-do lists, bucket lists, grocery lists, goals lists… there’s always some type of list that I’m attempting to follow! Today I’m sharing some of my bucket list races!

5 Bucket List Races

Big Sur Marathon – Last year during the Hatfield McCoy Marathon in West Virginia, I was running with an older man who had run 150+ marathons in his lifetime. Talk about amazing! Anyway, I was asking about the races he had run and which ones were his favorite. He said that if there was one marathon that I needed to run, it was this one. So, it’s now a goal of mine to run this race for my California one!


Killington Spartan Race – Someday I will train for & run for a Spartan Race. Or, I might say let’s just go for it and run the one that is next month 🙂 I want to run Killington because it’s in the state that I live in, and my old stomping ground. I know this type of race would be a great challenge for me, both mentally and physically.

Nashville Ultra Marathon – I’ve been doing lots of research on ultras lately. I came across this one and would LOVE to run it. The trail is 90% paved (trail & bike) and 10% grass, with a combination of hills and flats. The great thing about this race is that you can change the distance you plan on running (making it shorter or longer) just by telling one of the volunteers!

Disney Princess Half Marathon – Because I just want to dress up like Cinderella, duh! Plus, I need to redeem myself with Disney races. Eventually I will run the Disney Marathon again, but I’ve got my eyes on this one first!


Athens Marathon – Mainly because my cousin just got back from Greece and her pictures were AMAZING and I really want to visit there, so why not knock a marathon out while I’m at it? According to reviews, the course is a little challenging but it would be TOTALLY worth it if I was running in Greece!!!

What races are on your bucket list?


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4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Bucket List Races”

  • I have a lot of races on my bucket list! I live in the Netherlands so I don’t know a lot of races in the US that I could put on the list but the Chicago Marathon is definitely one I want to do (I grew up partially in Chicago and have done the RocknRoll Half… now to get a place for the full!). I want to do the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway, the Tokyo Marathon (or any marathon in Japan!) , the Palermo Marathon and Athens… and Athens I will cross of my list in November!!!! Berlin was also on my list and I am currently training for that one.

    • That’s so awesome you are running Athens!! Such an amazing list! Must be so cool to live in the Netherlands!

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