9 Things Running Has Taught Me

9 Things Running Has Taught Me

While running has always been a part of my life, I didn’t truly consider myself a runner until after I completed my second marathon. Silly, I know, but it’s the truth. Up until 2013, running was something that I just knew I should do because it helped me stay in shape and shed some unwanted extra pounds. Fast forward 3 years, running has become the best part of my day & my sanity.

jackieabout to cross the finish line of my first 26.2

Throughout this running journey, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about life. Today I’m sharing a just few of these things…

9 Things Running Has Taught Me 

It doesn’t get easier, you just get better. I remember when I first started running again after a year long hiatus. I had just decided I was going to train for a marathon. I couldn’t even run 3 miles without stopping. This was very intimidating at first but I was persistent in my training. Now, I can run 13.1+ miles without thinking twice about it. It amazing the progress you can make if you stick to something long enough.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. There’s always going to be some faster or more fit than you. Use them as motivation, not as a negative comparison. The only thing comparing will do is make you feel crummy about yourself.

Embrace early mornings. Logging miles in the morning before most people are awake makes me feel like a bada$$, pumps me up, and starts the day off right. Plus, I know myself and know I usually won’t follow through with working out after work.

Listen to your body. There is a time to tell your body to shut up and keep moving and there is a time to listen to your body’s request for rest or less intense training -> listen carefully!

Sometimes a run with your favorite training partner is the best therapy. Training partners motivate & hold you accountable, plus they’re great company. I usually get everything off my chest and have an amazing runners high after a long distance training run with a buddy. No better feeling than that! Shout out to my girl Catherine -> we’re due for a running date!

Hard work will always pay off. You get out what you put in & there is no secret recipe for success. Work hard, day in & day out, and the results will come.

Don’t make any big decisions until you’ve had the time to think about them. Problems always look more manageable after a run. Pounding the pavement is the perfect ‘me-time’ to think about any crazy situations in your life because you can think more clearly about them and run your feelings out.

If you eat like crap, you will run like crap. Eating to fuel your body is so important. Eat & train, don’t diet & exercise.

I’m a goal digger. Running has made me aware of the healthy competition I have within myself. It’s a trait that I absolutely love and one that I apply to all aspects of life. I refuse to quit and I’m 100% driven by goals and a passion to reach them.

Maybe you’ve learned some of these lessons too, or have your own. I’d love to hear about your running journey in the comments below. 


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