Hartford Marathon Training Week 7

Hartford Marathon Training Week 7

7 weeks out.. I repeat, we’re 7 weeks outs! Hard to believe I’m already halfway through this training cycle. I feel like I need to kick it up a notch with my training. With that said, I’m undecided if I want to make Hartford or Philly my goal race. I’m leaning more towards Philly but I’ll decide  in the next couple weeks. I think I’ve convinced two of my friends to run Philly with me… one of those friends being the person I achieved my last PR with. We will see!

Hartford Marathon – Week 7

Monday [8/15] – Rest Day

Tuesday [8/16] – 6 miles w/ 25 min tempo

Wednesday [8/17] – 5 miles + BBG Week 1 Arms

Thursday [8/18] – 7 miles

Friday [8/19] – 4 miles (2 with Bruin!)


Saturday [8/20] – 4 miles + BBG Week 1 Full Body

Sunday [8/21] – 10 miles + 4x 1 min planks.. I was supposed to run 18 miles but my leg was seriously bothering me so I decided to stop after the first out & back.


TOTAL MILEAGE = 36 miles

As you can see, I finally started BBG again. My friend and I are seriously determined to finish this program together. I know that with her support and encouragement we can get it done! I skipped the leg workout because I’m seriously afraid of being that sore and having to run. That sounds like an excuse but I usually get SO SORE from the first leg day that I end up not doing the rest of the workouts for the week. My plan is to do week 2 legs after work tonight and see how that goes.

Now that it’s Monday morning, I’m really sad that the weekend is over. It was so nice to relax but also get so much stuff done around the house as well as spend the day on the lake. I secretly didn’t hate the fact that it was raining last night because that meant snuggles with my dudes! Definitely need to be taking full advantage of the last few weekends of summer!

imageSnug City imageimage

Meal Prep Sunday 🙂

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good week #ThinkingPositiveThoughts !


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