Hartford Marathon Training Week 5 & Some Monday Motivation

Hartford Marathon Training Week 5 & Some Monday Motivation

Let’s start off with a little motivation for your Monday morning!

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Okay so I’m totally guilty of skipping my long run 2 weekends in a row. I’m not impressed with myself but it is what it is. I went home to New Jersey this weekend and was planning on a 15 miler along the beach but we didn’t get in until very late Friday night then my alarm didn’t go off either morning. That’s when I realized my alarm was set for weekdays only. FAIL! My plan is to go for at least 10 miles tonight, maybe more if time permits. I don’t want to be running too late because I get my first Hello Fresh delivery today & I’m really looking forward to cooking dinner, more so than usual 🙂

Hartford Marathon – Week 5

Monday [8/1] – 5 miles + ab asanas

Tuesday [8/2] – 5 miles + 20 minute tempo


Wednesday [8/3] – 5 miles + ab asanas

Thursday [8/4] – 7 miles + 8×20 sec hills + ab asanas


Friday [8/5] – 5 miles + ab asanas

Saturday [8/6] –  I didn’t run..

Sunday [8/7] – I didn’t run again..

TOTAL MILEAGE = 27 miles

Aside from not getting my planned runs in, the weekend was awesome! It was nice to spend a little time with my family and friends but I hate having to jam pack seeing everyone that I want to in a 36 hour time frame.

imageClub Lockwood

imageHad to make a Whole Foods trip! I miss it so much, I wish VT had one so bad! I’m on the hunt for cotton candy grapes but haven’t had any luck!imagePlaya Bowls -> SO GOOD!

While we spent most of Sunday in the car & didn’t get home until around 7:30, I still managed to get my life together for the week while watching the Olympics!


I’ve been lazy the last couple weeks with not pre-packing my meal preps. Instead I’ve been making a big batch of food & packing them every morning before leaving for work. In order to save myself some time in the morning, I’m determined to get back in the pre-packing groove! Also, pretty soon I’m going to start counting macros thanks to the help of a former co-worker & I’m SUPER excited about this!!! This means prepacking will be a must since I’ll need to be weighing basically all of my foods!
imagehow CUTE is this knife?! A Whole Foods purchase 🙂imagehad to treat myself <3

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Do you count macros? Any tips?


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