August Fitness Goals + Monday Motivation #18

August Fitness Goals + Monday Motivation #18

I still can’t get over the fact that it’s August… seems like just yesterday it was memorial day weekend! At the beginning of last month, I shared my July Running Goals. Here’s a little recap:

— Hit all my training runs <- I would say I hit about 90% of them
— Complete all my speed & hill workouts with a smile on my face <- Done!
— Start running some trails <- I didn’t run any trails :/
— Find new routes to run <- Done!
— Run with Bruin at least 3 days a week <- Working on this!

So, since we’re starting the new month fresh on a Monday, I wanted to share my fitness goals for this month! Changing it up from just running goals because there’s a bunch of fitness-related things I want to accomplish 🙂

August Fitness Goals

Start running some trails & run more with Bruin -> These two are on the list again because they are both something that I really want/need to start doing!


Make my long runs a priority on the weekends, no matter where I am -> July was super busy (as always) and I struggled with hitting my long runs. These next 9 weekends are crucial so I have to make sure to get my long mileage in! Looking forward to running 15 miles on the beach this upcoming weekend in NJ.

Go to yoga class at least 3x a week -> I bought an unlimited class pass for the month so I want to make sure that I get my money’s worth out of it!

Step it up a notch in the kitchen -> continue eating healthy but stop giving in to temptations! Create 3 new clean eating recipes.

Forever wanting to complete BBG & not following through -> I started again this morning though & I need to stick with it. I’m switching arm&ab/leg day so that it will be easier on my body combined with my marathon training schedule.

Go to at least 2 spin classes -> I really want to be teaching spin classes within the next year so I need to keep learning and getting more confidence to teach my own class!

I write these posts for myself. For accountability. To be able to go back and see what my goals were for a the month and if I accomplished them. To keep track of my progress. To get myself excited to crush some goals. Last night I started a new journal to help with achieving my goals so I’m interested to see if I actually keep up with it and if it does in fact help me accomplish them!

Now for some Monday Motivation!


Have any August goals? 


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