26 Goals For My 26th Year

26 Goals For My 26th Year

Okay, so the theme of the week is my birthday! Following up with yesterday’s post on 26 Things I’ve Learned By Age 26, today I’m sharing 26 goals I have for myself this year. Another list post, yay! Obviously there’s a lot on this list but everything is very achievable if I put my mind to it. Some items can be crossed off in a day, while others are things that I need to work on daily throughout the year. Even if I don’t check everything off over the next 364 days, I won’t be too worried about it since I can still eventually do everything I want to do. However, it’s always a good idea to have a list of your goals… and another list of your secret goals 😉

26 Goals For My 26th Year

1- Run a marathon in 4 different states (NH, PA, ….. CA & CO? Hi Kel)

2- PR / run a 4:30 marathon

3- Pass my personal training certification test + get 3 clients

4- Expand my education in nutrition

5- Complete my spin instructor certification + start teaching classes

6- Finish Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (BBG) all the way through!

7- Continue learning yoga / do a 30 straight days of yoga challenge

8- Run a trail race .. okay my real goal is to run the Mt. Washington Road race but let’s start with trail running first.

9- Continue improving my blog -> keep up the consistency & passion!

10- Master SEO <- haha!

11- Write an e-book 🙂 I’m very excited about this one!

12- Attend a blogger conference

13- Meet Taylor Swift!!!! <- 86 Days?!

14- Go skydiving

15- Visit Thailand (hi James & Katie, let’s start planning)

16- Try to maintain a clean apartment 95% of the time

17- Save more money $$$

18- Re-learn Spanish. I took Spanish from 6th grade to my sophomore year of college then I gave it up. I really want to get back into it!

19- Plant my own peonies next spring

20- Use my phone less -> so guilty of this & something I struggle with daily!

21- Eat out (max) 4x a month

22- Train Bruin to be a better puppy on runs & in general

23- Quit biting my cuticles / have nails painted most of the time

24- Master my homemade cupcake recipe

25- Be a better daughter/sister/friend/girlfriend!

26- Keep meditating daily

fearless in pursuit


What are your goals for this year?


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