Oil Pulling!

Oil Pulling!

Contrary to popular belief, oil pulling has been around for years… who knew?! Not me, that’s for sure! Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that improves your oral health as well as treats diseases like eczema, asthma and diabetes. While the scientific evidence is lacking to back up the last 3 claims mentioned, studies have shown that it does in fact reduce oral plaque & gingivitis and improves oral well-being.

My mom told me about oil pulling last year and I’ve done it on & off since. She’s the one who got me loving coconut oil! Right now I’m currently not in the daily habit of oil pulling but that’s why I’m writing this post -> I want to get back into it! Forever on the quest for whiter teeth 🙂 When I use white strips, my teeth end up hurting for days after. That’s why I love oil pulling… it doesn’t hurt my sensitive teeth. I used white strips a few months ago for a few days and regretted it every single day for about a week after.

The idea behind oil pulling is simple -> since the oil is ‘sticky’, when you swish it around in your mouth, bacteria gets stuck in the oil and dissolves. Just as with oil cleansing for the skin, the principle of ‘like dissolves like’ applies, as oil is able to cut through plaque and remove toxins without disturbing the teeth or gums.



1- Pick an oil -> you can use organic coconut oil or any other vegetable based oil (sunflower & sesame are most commonly used). I like to use organic coconut oil because, other than being obsessed with it for everything in life (lotion, cooking, etc.), I enjoy the taste plus it has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, & anti-fungal properties.

2- Put anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon (depending on what you can handle) in your mouth -> I usually start with a tsp then add a little more a few minutes in.


3- Swish!! for 10-20 minutes. Pull the oil through your teeth & make sure not to swallow it (you don’t want to swallow the bacteria you are trying to get rid of -> gross!)

4- When your time is up, spit the oil directly into the trash. DO NOT spit it down the drain because the oil will solidify again and could eventually mess up your pipes. I know someone this happened to!

You might be freaking out that 20 minutes is too long for you but it’s really not that bad, I promise! You can start out slow with just 5 minutes then work your way up to a longer amount of time. Just put some oil in your mouth, grab a good book or get on pinterest, and the time will be up before you know it.

Below are some of the benefits associated with oil pulling:


I hope that after reading this you are intrigued by oil pulling & thinking about trying it out 🙂 When you start oil pulling, you might experience some of the positive effects immediately, or it may take a few days or even weeks.


Have you ever tried oil pulling?




Disclaimer -> I am not a medical professional, just simply sharing what works for me & the research that I’ve done on it. Consult a medical professional if you have any questions.


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6 thoughts on “Oil Pulling!”

  • I really should start doing this too, I talk about it but never do it. Just remember to spit it into the trash can, thanks for the info

  • Oh you’re so right about the coconut oil! There is also a fact that coconut oil helps to prevent alzheimer and strengthen memory , when you daily eat it (1 teaspoon every morning ) – Just wanted to add an advice from a pharmacist acquaintance 🙂
    Love this post and thanks for your share!

    • I didn’t know about that fact— going to have to start adding a tsp of coconut oil to eat to my diet!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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