Fall Marathons!

Fall Marathons!

As of Saturday, it was 16 weeks until the Hartford Marathon! I’ve decided this is going to be my first 26.2 of the fall. While I’ve already made up a 16 week training schedule that technically started on Monday, my plan is to take the next 2-3 weeks relatively easy as far as running goes. That means I’m making running a priority and following the training schedule, however, it’s for fun (no specific pace & just enjoying it) and I’m waiting until the week of 7/4 to start tempo Tuesday’s & hill sprint Thursday’s.


I chose this race for a few reasons. First, it’s semi-close to home so it will be an easy drive. Well, it’s 4 hours but still… hopefully someone ( Hi Chris 🙂 ) will come with me and want to drive home. Second, it’s relatively flat with a few hills -> yes please. Third, I will be able to cross Connecticut off the 50 States Club list. Crushing goals one state at a time! Lastly, I was trying to coordinate marathons with some of my friends and this one worked out for all of us! My friends Cat and Bri will be joining me for this race, and hopefully my friend Cassie for her first marathon!

My second marathon of the fall -> Philly! As of Sunday, it was 22 weeks out. I was signed up for this race last year but decided against running it because I did not train at all. So, I’m going to be ready to take it on this year, no excuses! I haven’t decided how I will tackle training post Hartford marathon but I’m not worrying about that just yet. Philly is fairly close to my parents’ house in New Jersey which is why I’ve chosen this race. Plus, I will be able to cross Pennsylvania off the 50 States Club list.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the grind of marathon training. I always feel so much better about myself when I’m following my training schedule & putting in the work. I really didn’t train THAT hard for Lake Placid, more so half-assed it, so I’m just super excited for things to start rolling. I’m itching for a PR!


Bruin is ready for some PR’s too 🙂

To help achieve the PR I’m chasing, there’s a few things I need to do. I know I need to incorporate more cross-training as well as strength training into my routine. This is why I started doing more yoga and started BBG again this week. BUT OMG. My legs from BBG on Monday. Yesterday wasn’t so bad but today I’m SO SORE. The good kind of sore, but damn. I also need to make sure that I make stretching/foam rolling a priority. I’m totally guilty of saying I’ll do these things later then not actually doing them. Hitting at least 90% of my training runs is also key to a PR.

Overall, I’m enjoying these next few low key weeks but I’m ready to start some serious training!

Have you ran Hartford or Philly before?


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