Where I’m At!

Where I’m At!

One week post marathon already! I was feeling extremely sore on Monday and Tuesday after the race but now I feel great! I’ve really been making it a point to do a ton of stretching & foam rolling which is why I think I’m recovering so quickly. It felt really good to get some easy miles in on Thursday & Friday.


With no marathons on schedule until the fall, I’m looking forward to starting BBG (again) tomorrow & determined to make it past week 7 this time. I wanted to start it up again a few weeks ago but knew I wouldn’t do it the week before/after the marathon so it didn’t make sense. I’m really excited to get back in my BBG groove! My friend Sandy is starting with me so we’ll be keeping each other accountable & motivated for the next 12 weeks. Love you boo!

As far as running goes, I don’t think I’ll be starting a new training cycle for a couple weeks. Until then, I plan on just keeping my runs in the 3-5 mile range for a few days a week. My main focus is to keep building my base so when it comes time for training I’m ready to rock!

There’s a sprint triathlon at the end of July that my friend Bri (who I ran the VCM Half Relay with) are thinking about doing! I think it would be a really fun experience. Also, my birthday is a few days before so it would be a great way to start off my 26th year of life! I’m mostly nervous about the swim because I’m not the strongest swimmer. Oh, and I don’t have a road bike so I would have to figure that out. Stay tuned to see what we decide!

This weekend was a lot of fun & very productive! On Saturday morning, my friend Cady and I woke up super early to hike Camel’s Hump. First hike of the summer -> check! I’d never been to the top of that mountain before and it was amazing. I was just in awe. Looking forward to our next hike in a few weeks!

imageimageAfter the hike we went to one of my favorite places.. the farmer’s market. I couldn’t wait to get mac & cheese but the stand wasn’t there! and the flowers were too expensive 🙁 Not sure when I’ll be able to make it to the farmer’s market next but hopefully they’re there then! And I guess I’ll stick to my trader joe’s flower runs. Sunday’s are my fav as usual… cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, a dog bath, dog walks, meal prep, and lunch with Chris’s family. We also took Bruin to the lake for his first swim! He was a little apprehensive at first but then he loved it.image

Overall, the last week has been successful and I’m looking forward to this upcoming week. But! I’m looking forward to this upcoming weekend even more because one of my best friends from college is getting married & we’ll have a mini reunion 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!


What fall marathons are you running?


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2 thoughts on “Where I’m At!”

  • Congratulations on the marathon!

    Love the photo of Bruin. He looks in his element and happy, despite it being his first swim.

    What marathonS? Just one fall marathon for me, haha! I’m running the Savannah Rock & Roll Marathon in early November.

    • Thank you for the congrats!! Bruin LOVED it and I can’t wait to take him back 🙂

      Ah!! I’ve always wanted to run a R’n’R race before! I will have to check out the Savannah one! Good luck with all your training!

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