1 Week Out!

1 Week Out!

Can we just fast forward to this time NEXT Sunday?! I will be done the Lake Placid marathon by then & I can’t wait! I’m nervous because this was definitely not my best round of training but it’s okay because I’m confident that I will cross the finish line one way or another!

The race is double loop, out and back course that starts on the main street of town right in front of the Olympic Speedskating Oval. I’ve never ran a double loop (or out and back) course before so it will be interesting to see what it’s like. The course is best described as moderate rolling, some flat, with a few steep hills and finishes with a significant hill in the final mile, consistent with the challenging nature of Lake Placid’s Adirondack mountain terrain. The race features 19 fully-stocked aid station opportunities in 26.2 miles. The average temperatures on race day are in the low 70’s so I’m really hoping that it’s an average day out there. I can’t imagine if it’s like VCM last weekend.

Marathons make me seriously emotional. Check out this video of the start of the race in 2011. It literally makes me tear up! Okay, okay… I’m excited!

Overall, my goal is just to cross the finish line. I’m hoping to keep an 11-11:30 pace or finish under 5:15. But whatever happens, happens and I will be happy with any result! I really need to focus on starting out slow or else the last few miles will be even more brutal than usual.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

This past weekend was the definition of low key. It was just me & my pup so we went on plenty of walks, hit up the dog park, and got lots of snuggle in. I pretty much didn’t do anything besides that, run some miles, and go to the farmers market. The perfect weekend if you ask me!

imagefarmers market mac & cheese 🙂image


Thank you, Vermont Juice Co -> obsessed with pitaya & acai bowls. While it’s easier to go out & buy them, I’m so glad that I found out about Sambazon Acai packets and Pitaya Plus packets.. total game changer. The pitaya is a little pricey to buy weekly, it’s definitely worth it on occasion. Check your local health food store for purchase or order online!


Meal Prep: on this weeks lunch menu is fajita bowls! As you can see from my snap below, I wanted to eat one SO bad while I was prepping! I’m looking forward to lunch all week! I still have to go grocery shopping so my snacks are not prepped yet but I’m still loving watermelon & so glad juicy peaches are back! I’ve also been on a major smoothie kick. My current favorite is frozen strawberries & banana, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 cup rolled oats, and almond milk.

Do you meal prep?




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4 thoughts on “1 Week Out!”

  • I don’t really meal prep… my husband does since he works outside of the house (he meal preps meat; I don’t eat meat). Your smoothie bowl looks delicious! I do shakes a lot but have honestly never tried it in a bowl like that with fruit and seeds on top.

    Good luck at the marathon! Just focus on having fun and finishing injury free. We all have times when we do not train like we hoped and the race happens, give it the best your body has to offer that day and it’s a success!

    • mmmm you should def try a smoothie bowl!!

      Thanks for the good luck wishes– iI need them! That’s my main focus, having fun & finishing injury free. it’s going to be tough but i’m ready for it!

  • That elevation map looks beastly. Good luck to you and looking forward to reading how it went!

    p.s. that farmer’s market mac looks amazing.

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