Unplugged Half Marathon Race Recap

Unplugged Half Marathon Race Recap

On April 9, I kicked off the 2016 spring race season with the Unplugged Half Marathon. I ran this race with my friend Nicole from college. We’re birthday twins! I didn’t train for this race to the best of my ability but I’m still pretty happy with the results. It felt good to get another race under my belt. I love how race day adrenaline always kicks in, no matter how many races I’ve ran!

There isn’t too much to say about this race but here we go!

My pre-race fuel consisted of 2 English muffins with jelly and water. The race has 2 waves with 9am and 11am starts. We ran the second wave so there was no getting up at a stupid early hour to get ready! It was also fairly close to my house so I didn’t have to drive too far.


I always love the atmosphere on race days. The weather was pretty chilly while we waited at the starting line but once we were running it ended up being the perfect temperature. I liked that it was cold to start because I finally got to rock my Lululemon Down For A Run hat in a race 🙂 The sun was shining the entire race so I eventually got too hot to keep my hat on. I even got a little sunburn!


Pre-Race Selfie 🙂

We started at a park but the first 3 miles were in a residential area. There was one ‘hill’ here (if you want to call it that) but nothing crazy by any means. The race tagline is “No Frills, No Hills” and it pretty much lived up to it! I can only remember 1 other small hill on the course.


After the first 3 miles, we hoped on the Burlington bike path for basically the remainder of the race. I love running this route because it’s relatively flat and has beautiful views of Lake Champlain. This is my go-to long run route. I was feeling really good until mile 10 (I think?) so I decided that I needed to slow down. At this point, Nicole and I split up for a little bit but I always had my eye on her so I could catch up to her for the finish.

We caught up with each other about .5 mile from the finish. At this point we definitely picked up the pace because we were just so excited to be done (AKA drink the free beer). We crossed the finish line in 2:20 & I’m glad we finished together!


The end of the race was at Switchback brewery where we got a free beer & Moe’s 🙂 They didn’t give out medals though which I was pretty bummed about. One of the volunteers said this had something to do with the name of the race. Speaking of volunteers, they were awesome which is to be expected of any race that RunVermont puts on!


I plan on running this race again next year because I love the course so much!


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