Hello September

Hello September


Goodbye August
I’m very much looking forward to the fall! It just might be my favorite season. I’m not a summer person at all. I can’t wait for cooler weather whatsoever (and maybe some pumpkin spice coffee…)autmnAugust ended with the one of the best weekends of the summer -> Country Fest! Last Friday we headed to Foxoborough, MA to see Cole Swindell, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, and the one & only KENNY CHESNEY! This is always such a fun day filled with good friends, food + drinks, laughs, and awesome music! Kenny didn’t tour last summer so I missed him dearly. This is my 4th time seeing him and he always puts on such a great show. I love his music & love rocking out to it even more 🙂 I’m pretty sure the people that were sitting next to our group hated us because we sang (aka screamed) every word to every. single.song. I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted, especially of Kenny since my phone died right before he went on, but it was still an insanely great time!


Hello September
With a new month & new attitude, comes a fresh start and new goals (or the same goals that I didn’t hit last month)!

Hit All My Training Runs/Stick To A 5am Routine -> I combined these 2 goals since they directly correlate to each other. It is absolutely crucial for me to hit all my training runs in the coming weeks if I want to survive the Chicago Marathon that is only 6 WEEKS AWAY! That’s too soon! As far as sticking to a 5am routine, I know that doing so will make it 100x easier to complete all my training runs since I really hate running after work. This is the most important goal for me.

Finish My Running Corner -> my goal is to finish this weekend. I know that once this is done it will make me feel even more motivated about hitting all  my runs this month!

Only Go Out To Eat 2x -> I want to do this to save some money and stay on track with my diet. $5 here, $10 there… it adds up!

Clean Out My Closet(s) -> I have too many clothes. And shoes. I admit that it’s a problem. But! I want to go through all of them and get rid of whatever I don’t wear anymore. I kind of have an emotional attachment to my clothes… not sure why, but I do. So I find it hard to get rid of stuff but I know that I need to. I plan on donating whatever can be donated!

Try Out A New Fitness Class -> I want to either try out a spin class, body pump class, or a new type of yoga!

What are your September goals?

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9 thoughts on “Hello September”

  • I went to my first spin class this morning! I didn’t realize it until now, but I totally just started off the month by trying something new! Cool!

    I guess my only real goal for September is to get out of the house (and my own head) more. Other than vacation and a wedding, I did literally nothing in August and I NEED to at least have somewhat of a life again. Luckily, our calendar is filling up for the month. Other than that I am not making any goals. I want to just see how things go and let the month unfold.

  • I love your goals and think they are great- I used to try new fitness classes but now I stick with BodyPump and yoga pretty much all the time. You’re right about eating out adding up because a few bucks here and there turns into $50-100 more than you budgeted for in the course of a month.

    I stick to a 6 AM wakeup routine most all the time. It really helps to just get up at the same time most every morning and I’m tired when it’s bedtime. If I sleep in I don’t want to go to bed, so I stay up later and then sleep in again, and the cycle continues!

  • I’m so with you – I don’t mind summer running because I get to go at my leisure, but I understand why everyone else hates it come end of August/September because I’m back at work and end up running in the nasty, midday heat. I can’t wait for fall and cooler temps!! Looks like you had a blast at the concert!

  • Good luck on the 5AM goals! I am struggling to get to be a morning runner, please post tips if you are successful, I need all the help I can get.

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