A Running Rut a.k.a Chicago [Week 6]

A Running Rut a.k.a Chicago [Week 6]

happy Mondau

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Guys. I’m in a slight running rut. My last 2 weeks of training have been terrible. I’ve barely run in the last week (again) & I’m feeling extremely guilty about it. I hate letting myself down but I’ve been lacking motivation lately because I’ve just been so dang tired. I think know it has something to do with my diet… specifically, I’m not getting enough protein (and probably other very important nutrients) -> I’m not doing enough substituting and my body is feeling the effects. I want to be back in the groove so badly, but I’m just lacking the energy to get there. I believe this is contributing to why I’m finding it so difficult to get out of bed & workout in the morning. Before you ask, yes I’ve been going to sleep by 9:30 just about every night. I want to get up at 5am to run (really, I do) but my body says otherwise. I could be wrong, maybe I’m just being lazy. However, I really don’t think that’s the case because it is something I have done before & truly want to commit to doing again. Not only is it affecting my motivation to get up early, I’ve been more tired than usual throughout the days as well. I can’t wait for 5pm to roll around so that I can get home to my wonderful couch.

I want out of this rut ASAP so I’ve made an appointment with a Registered Dietitian to get some guidance on my nutritional needs and figure out what is missing! I’m looking forward to meeting with her next week and hopefully get myself back on track. I started to transition to a plant based diet about 2 months into my last training cycle. I felt amazing and my recovery times were improving. I felt good about myself and the difference I was making. I want to feel that way again & won’t stop until I do! There’s no going back now. I’ve learned/seen too much the last few months & refuse to revert back to my old eating habits.

Chicago Training – Week 6

  • Monday –Rest Day
  • Tuesday –6 miles + 20 min tempo
  • Wednesday –8 easy miles
  • Thursday –6 miles w/ 8×20 sec hills
  • Friday –6 miles
  • Saturday –5 miles
  • Sunday –17 miles

(this is what the week was supposed to look like)

Weekend Recap:
Friday night -> I got to hang out with baby Emma. She slept preciously in my arms the entire time. So stinkin’ cute <3


Saturday -> Charron Lobster Fest. My boyfriend’s grandparents & their friends have been putting this on for the past 4 years but we could never attend. I’m so glad we were able to go this year! Nothing beats sunshine + lobsters + steamers + corn on the cob. I’d never seen lobster cooked the way it was before but they turned out to be delicious. I felt bad eating them but got over it pretty quickly because they were so good. This was one of the last times I’ll be eating lobster so I definitely enjoyed myself AKA I had 2 tails 🙂 After the BBQ, we went home and ended up passing out by 8:30 #NoShame

Sunday -> I love this day up until about 8pm when I realize the next day means back to work. Sunday’s are for snuggles, long runs, pinterest, grocery shopping & getting life in order. I pretty much did all of those things… except the most important one. We’ve been getting most of our fruits & veggies from my boyfriend’s grandparents garden as well as a local farm stand which I love!


How was your weekend? Any long runs?

Fellow veggies -> have you ever had any trouble with your protein intake? Have any advice or tips for me?

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