Re-Evaluating Goals & Chicago [Week 5]

Re-Evaluating Goals & Chicago [Week 5]

Happy Monday! I hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend… I sure did 🙂 I went camping with my boyfriend’s softball team for a tournament. The weekend was filled with lots of softball, camp fires, too much sun, laughs, and most importantly -> friends! I’m thankful that the team is made up of such an awesome group of guys but even more thankful that they have kick ass girlfriends! Shout out to the Moonshine Bandits, you guys kicked butt!


Since the weekend was jam packed, absolutely no running took place. This is my own fault. I had my running gear packed to get out there on Saturday morning but it just didn’t happen. I was planning on leaving after the first game on Sunday so I could get home to do my long run but that didn’t happen either. I didn’t leave because I wanted to cheer the guys on as I had a feeling they would make it all the way to the finals. As Sunday went on, I was sitting on the sidelines & feeling guilty about not getting my long run in. I started thinking about my marathon goals for the rest of the year and realized they needed to be re-evaluated. I knew this was necessary in order for me to achieve them so I’m okay with it… kinda. I’m disappointed in myself that I haven’t been sticking to my plans like I said I would. However, I’m proud of myself for taking action now to rearrange my goals so that I can achieve them still.

stubborn about goals

My original goal for the Chicago Marathon was to run a 4:30. At this point in time, being 9 weeks out from race day… I just don’t see it happening. My new goal for Chicago is to run anything better than a 4:57. This will still allow for a PR. With that said, my other new goal is to run a 4:30 at the Philadelphia Marathon instead! I will just use Chicago as a practice run, literally. I’ve been running both all along but was just going to have fun (if this is your version of fun) with Philly so I could mark PA off the 50 States list & hopefully run anything better than a 4:57. Since Philly is just 6 weeks after Chicago, this will give me 6 more weeks of training as of yesterday -> I need these extra weeks in order to achieve my goal. So, I’m switching them around. Simple as that. There’s no reason to be that disappointed in myself as long as I still achieve my goals. I know it’s only up to me.

I haven’t talked to my coach about this re-evaluation yet but I don’t see him having any problem with it. He’s here to help me after all. I want to see what he thinks about changing my training plan but I’m thinking we will end up sticking to the same one but maybe just switching some long runs around.

Bottom line: I will run a 4:30 marathon by the end of the year!

Chicago Training – Week 5

  • Monday –Rest Day
  • Tuesday –6 miles + 20 min tempo
  • Wednesday –5 easy miles: It started to pour around mile 3.5 of this run aka I got soaked.
  • Thursday –1 mile warm up – 6 x 800 – 1 mile cool down: this is my favorite type of speed work!
  • Friday –I didn’t run… (supposed to be 6 miles)
  • Saturday –I didn’t run… (supposed to be 5 miles)
  • Sunday –I didn’t run… (supposed to be 15 miles)



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