Goodbye July & Oiselle Team Volée

Goodbye July & Oiselle Team Volée

I can’t believe today is the last day of July. Where did this month even go?! The summer always seems to fly by after the 4th passes, and this year is no exception. Before we know it there’s going to be snow on the ground! Although I have so much to look forward to this fall/winter, time is moving way too quickly & it needs to s l o w down.

Overall, July was a solid month. I started training for the Chicago (& Philly) marathon, I’m almost back in the swing of 5am runs, saw my girl Taylor Swift in concert, spent time with friends & family, celebrated my 25th birthday, and as of today ->

You’re looking at a new member of Oiselle’s Team Volée!

I’m beyond pumped to join ‘The Flock’ & represent such an awesome company! This is so much more than just being able to rock Oiselle’s racing singlet (which I’m incredibly proud to rep & I can’t wait to receive next month)! This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other bad ass and inspirationalbird is the word runners, aka ‘birds’, from all over the country. I’m looking forward to making new friends & honored to be able to join this community. With motto’s like “head up, wings out” and “go fast, take chances”, the encouragement is always flowing. What I love most about Team Volée is there’s no pace, size, or age requirements -> you just have to live & run by their awesome manifeso (I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to be on this team?!):

Principles of Flight
a team manifesto

What follows are not rules or requirements, or club commandments…but rather ideas we think are important in forming a family of fast runners. Ideas we hold dear…and that we feel lead not only to successful competition, but to creating positive energy in our sport. We’re not building a single runner. Or a single performance. But rather a movement. A new kind of family that breaks from some of running’s old ways especially as they pertain to women athletes. It’s about progress and change. The future, the flight, the journey is new again – and ours to define.

1. build the sisterhood.
We are only as strong as the bonds we build. And while most of us have them, we want to do more. We want to raise the ante in showing how women can support other women. To go further with the sisterhood …fostering strength and leadership not just in competition, but through every action, every day.

2. eat like a human.
No disordered, underweight competition. We know for a fact that this approach is a short-term benefit that detracts from strength, and can spread like a disease. Fuel your body, honor its workload, and create an image of health for other women to follow.

3. tell your story.
Running and racing is not enough to kindle a fire under track & field. By telling your story, you capture hearts and minds. And when you capture hearts and minds, you build the overall success of our sport. You are the story. You are the magic. Let her rip!

4. race with fire.
Fierce, beastly, carnivorous racing. The win, the podium, the qualifying time, the team score. We seek serious victories on significant stages. No matter the goal, the effort is marked by an unconditional desire to push to the limit…to go fast, and take chances.

5. compete clean.
No doping. No cheating. No monkeying with our natural state via chemicals or prescriptions. Eat well, work hard, run fast. Period.

6. be a superfan.
Get fans by being a fan. By being a crazy, cheering, yell ‘til your voice is hoarse superfan. After all, being a superfan, regardless of brand affiliation, is one of the most powerful things we can do to strengthen ourselves and our sport.

7. spread the love.
Oiselle won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay. But if you choose to be here, join because you’re nuts about the brand. You dig where we’re going, and you want to be a part of it. L-O-V-E baby, that’s all there is.

run for oiselle

It’s safe to say I got my wings today 🙂

I hope you all have an awesome weekend! I’ve got a 15 miler on tap bright & early tomorrow morning… should be intersting.


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