Retiring The Lobsters

Retiring The Lobsters

Have any of you guys ever had a pair of running shoes that you love so much, you don’t want to ruin them from logging too many miles? Well, that’s my Lobsters for me.IMG_7678Even though I’ve only had them for about 4 months, they are my favorite pair of running shoes ever and I don’t want to see them get worn out!  I really just love the lobsters on them and know I won’t be able to score another pair. Call me sentimental but they’ve carried me through countless training runs plus 2 marathons, including my PR at the Vermont City Marathon back in May. I’m running a half next weekend for my birthday (I think) and plan to retire them after that. I will be sad to see them go but they will look good in the little running display that I’m working on. Plus, that just means it’s time for another pair! That’s how that works, right?

IMG_7681Which brings me to my next point -> how many running shoes are too many running shoes? I say you can never have too many but my boyfriend disagrees with me 😉 I ask because I have 4 pairs in rotation right now, including the lobsters, so that will drop down to 3 once I retire them next week… but I want to get another pair of Brooks Launch’s. This will bring me back up to 4! I have one pair specifically designated for speed work but the other 3 pairs I wear as I see fit. I do wear them all and don’t think it’s a problem having that many! What might put it over the edge is the 2 other pairs for everyday use… Oops! #RunningShoeAddiction

I didn’t think I could love a shoe more than I did Brooks Glycerin’s but I absolutely love Brooks Launch 2’s way more. Granted my first pair were my lobsters but I absolutely fell in love with them! Breaking them in was no problem at all, they are super light, and cushioned perfectly! Which is why I want need another pair after next week. Plus, look how beautiful they are below. They also have them in all pink (obsessed) but I think those are way cooler. Or maybe I’ll get both? Just kidding (kinda)!

Fellow runners:

How many pairs of running shoes are in your rotation?

Does anyone rock Brooks Launch 2’s? Do you love them as much as me?

What’s your favorite shoe/could you recommend something better than Launch’s?

I would love some feedback on this!!

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